Maria Karaiskos KC discusses Mrs Justice Yip’s decision to lift anonymity in the case of Brianna Ghey, on BBC News

Maria Karaiskos KC
Maria Karaiskos KC February 6, 2024

Maria Karaiskos KC appeared on BBC News to discuss the news that the two killers of 16 year-old Brianna Ghey have been named, and why the judge made the decision to lift anonymity in this case.

Maria explored the thought process behind Mrs Justice Yip’s decision to lift anonymity, explaining that she had to weigh up “the strong public interest” in the case and the protection granted to children by the law.

She further discussed the sentences ordered by the judge, detailing in particular the aggravating factors that were taken into account, including the large number of times Brianna was stabbed, as well as mitigating factors such as mental health issues.

Maria’s interview was broadcast on BBC News, 2 February 2024.

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