Maria Karaiskos KC secures nightclub murder conviction

Maria Karaiskos KC
Maria Karaiskos KC October 4, 2023

In March 2023, a young man was stabbed to the neck whilst in the Colliseum nightclub in Walsall. Nobody witnessed the stabbing. No weapon was ever found. The victim died an hour later aged 29 years old.

The prosecution built its case against the prime suspect from the following circumstantial evidence:

  1. Blood spots of the deceased [not cast off] which had been deposited in a particular section of the nightclub
  2. Close analysis of CCTV footage from the nightclub which showed that only the suspect and deceased had been standing in this section, in an apparent altercation
  3. Suspicious behaviour by the suspect immediately after the incident
  4. Mobile phone communications by the suspect showing attempts to dispose of clothing worn in the club
  5. Cell-site and GPS evidence showing the suspect travelling to another city
  6. Lies in over 7 hours of interview

Following a trial and 13 hours of deliberation, the jury found the defendant guilty of murder. He awaits sentence at Stafford Crown Court.

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