Maria Karaiskos KC secures victory prosecuting groundbreaking rape case

Maria Karaiskos KC
Maria Karaiskos KC February 27, 2024

Maria Karaiskos KC secured a stunning victory in her recent prosecution of a man charged with 7 counts of rape against his four-year-old daughter and wife. The jury unanimously convicted the defendant of all allegations after 4 hours of deliberation.

The case centred around complicated medical and forensic evidence involving the transmission of STIs, in particular gonorrhoea.

Experts attended Court, including from abroad, for both sides to give evidence on the diagnosis of gonorrhoea, the microbiology of the swab tests, symptoms and treatment, as well as, crucially, whether it can be transmitted via fomite surfaces. Genitourinary consultants as well as paediatric medicine physicians were questioned by counsel.

Maria prosecuted this case alone. Defence counsel were represented by silk and junior. Sentence has been adjourned for the assessment of reports on dangerousness. Maria was instructed by the CPS RASSO London Department.

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