Maria Karaiskos Prosecutes a Prison Officer for Sexual Misconduct in Public Office at HMP Swaleside.

Maria Karaiskos KC
Maria Karaiskos KC March 30, 2021

Maria Karaiskos prosecutes a prison officer for Misconduct in Public Office at HMP Swaleside. The prison officer had a relationship with an inmate who was serving a life sentence for murder, and subsequently gave birth to their child.

The Judge stated in his sentencing remarks at Maidstone Crown Court:

“This is not a Court of morals, but the acts you performed in a public office which led to sex in a prison, undermining all that was happening in that institution, make that a very  serious crime.”

“There are many in the community who would want to hold you up and throw stones in your direction.”

“This is probably one of the most difficult sentencing exercises I have had to perform in the course of my 18 years as a Judge.”

“This is an extraordinary case which requires an extraordinary sentence.”

“Justice tempered with mercy is not something that just exists in literature, it must be alive and well in the Courts too….”

The defendant received 16 months’ imprisonment suspended for two years.

This case was widely reported across the national press:

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