Michael Mather-Lees KC secures not Guilty on Baby shaking Manslaughter

By: Michael Mather-Lees KC July 26, 2023

Michael Mather-Lees KC, leading Richard Keogh, secured a Not Guilty verdict in a complex “baby shaking” case, in which the Defendant was alleged to have killed a 9-month-old baby, by shaking him violently, resulting in death.

 The case involved detailed and complex medical evidence which necessitated in-depth knowledge of the pathology involved in baby shaking, which could then the linked to the timing of events, thus demonstrating that the accused person had not committed the offence. The defendant was acquitted, the verdict being unanimous.

Michael and Richard were instructed by Tony Marshall at Alexander Johnson.

If you would like to discuss instructing Michael Mather Lees KC please contact Rod McGurk his senior clerk 0207 9363637

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