Michael Mather-Lees QC and Maria Karaiskos successfully Prosecute DC at Birmingham Crown Court for Murder

By: Michael Mather-Lees KC February 17, 2020
Maria Karaiskos KC
By: Maria Karaiskos KC February 17, 2020

Michael Mather-Lees QC and Maria Karaiskos successfully prosecute DC at Birmingham Crown Court of Murder before the Recorder of Birmingham. This was a complex case involving an in-depth analysis, understanding and presentation of very technical medical issues. DC stabbed her husband with a 7-inch kitchen knife during a domestic argument when both parties were intoxicated. The knife penetrated the left shoulder area of the deceased and punctured the lung.

One of the key issues at trial was causation of death: was there medical negligence by the hospital; did the deceased aspirate the contents of his stomach prior to being stabbed; did the defendant intend to cause serious injury to her husband when she stabbed him. The prosecution carefully examined over 6 medical experts, including leading cardiothoracic surgeons from London, and proved that there was no medical negligence in the treatment and care of the deceased; that the aspiration of the deceased’s gastric contents was caused by the stab wound and it was this stab wound which led to his fatal decline.

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