Michael Polak and Llewelyn Culver-Evans Secure Conviction in Widely Reported Largest Ever Unlawful Eviction Case

Michael Polak
Michael Polak October 12, 2022

On Monday 10th October 2022 Michael Polak, leading Llewellyn Culver-Evans, appeared for the prosecution for sentencing in the largest ever unlawful eviction case.

During the 4 week trial 22 witnesses were called to give evidence. The four defendants were unanimously convicted of 28 of the 35 charges they faced, which comprised Unlawful Eviction, Interference with the Peace and Comfort of Residential Occupiers and Burglary. Many of the tenants involved in the case were vulnerable. They were subjected to violent harassment, intimidation and physical evictions from their homes.

The sentencing hearing was widely reported by national and regional press:



Michael Polak and Llewellyn Culver-Evans are available for instruction in private and local authority prosecutions and all matters concerning unlawful evictions and can be instructed by contacting their clerks by email, clerks@timm283.sg-host.com, or by phone 020 7936 3637.

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