Michael Polak attains not guilty verdict to 5 charges of sexual assault against Italian national in Newcastle Crown Court

Michael Polak
By: Michael Polak October 26, 2016

Michael Polak was instructed to represent an Italian national who was charged with 5 counts of sexual assault in Newcastle Crown Court. The defendant had been represented by a local firm of solicitors for some time and had spent time in custody awaiting trial.

On being instructed in this case by specialist Italian law firm Consulenti Italiani, Michael arranged for the tape of the defendant’s police interview to be obtained from the Police and upon listening to the tape discovered that no caution had been given before interview despite the transcript of the interview prepared by the Crown Prosecution Service stating that a caution had been given and explained. Michael subsequently raised the matter before the court upon which the Prosecution was left with no option but to offer no evidence to all the charges.  The defendant’s family, some of whom had lost their jobs in Italy through coming to the United Kingdom to support the defendant, were very pleased that within two days of instructing Consulentti Italiani and Michael Polak to act for them the defendant was free with no criminal record.

Michael Polak was instructed by Davide Cupertino from Consulentti Italiani (http://www.consulentiitaliani.com/)

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