Michael Polak comments on the legal campaign for Stop Uyghur Genocide to block Shein’s LSE flotation based on concerns over slavery in supply chains

Michael Polak
Michael Polak June 27, 2024

Michael Polak has provided comment about the legal campaign being undertaken for the human rights charity Stop Uyghur Genocide to prevent online fast fashion group Shein from listing on the London Stock Exchange, in The i Paper, The Guardian, Investment Week and Yahoo! News.

The charity claims that the Uyghur minority group are being used as forced labour by Shien in its cotton supply in China’s Xinjiang region.

Michael, who is chair of Lawyers for Uyghur Rights, commented: “A firm alleged to have involvement in goods directly produced by slave labour in the Uyghur region creates a risk that those vital principles will be violated. We will ask the FCA to consider the expert evidence that we will provide to them before deciding on a public listing in the UK.”

Rahima Mahmut, executive director of Stop Uyghur Genocide, said she was “deeply concerned” about Shein’s potential London listing and said the organisation had been highlighting concerns from national security and human rights experts that Shein “could be associated with egregious human rights abuses, including modern slavery, and pose ethical and security risks to businesses and citizens.”

“Our investment community must not support companies like Shein who are reportedly linked to the Chinese state and which we believe may enable the ongoing genocidal policies against Uyghurs.”

Michael’s comments were published in The i Paper, The Guardian, Investment Week and Yahoo! News.

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