Michael Polak discusses whether the conditions were in place for the 2024 Pakistan election to be free and fair, on Al Jazeera

Michael Polak
By: Michael Polak February 12, 2024

Michael Polak appeared on Al Jazeera to discuss whether the Pakistan election has been free and fair, and the potential ramifications for the country in the aftermath of the election.

Michael detailed the findings of the independent review into the elections, which he chaired and was contributed to by a panel of politicians from across the globe, explaining that they were unable to find that the conditions for a free and fair election were in place in Pakistan.

He went on to explore the impacts of the disruption to internet and communication services on the election, as well as the consequences for the elected government if a fair election has not taken place, noting that without such an election, the new government may not be viewed on the international stage as representing the will of the Pakistani people.

Watch Michael’s full interview below.



Michael’s interview was broadcast on 9 February 2024.

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