Michael Polak Instructed to Act for British Uyghurs in Challenge to Government Huawei 5G Decision

Michael Polak
Michael Polak May 4, 2020

Church Court Chambers’ international law and human rights barrister Michael Polak has been instructed by two British Uyghurs to challenge the Government’s decision to allow Huawei to contract to provide a 5G network on the basis that it is alleged that there is evidence of the use of slavery within the Huawei supply chain and evidence that Huawei is ‘deeply implicated in the ongoing surveillance, repression and persecution of Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic minority communities in Xinjiang’ according to the Australian Security Policy Institute’s Report Mapping China’s Technology Giants

This matter has been reported in the international press here:

https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2020/04/29/uighur-rights-group-gearing-up-for-legal-battle-with-uk-over-huawei-and-5g-canada-could-be-next.html; https://bitterwinter.org/huawei-5g-and-human-rights-abuses/


Further information about this case can be found here: https://lawyersforuyghurrights.com/en/press-releases/request-that-government-reconsider-5g-contracting-with-huawei 

This case is being Crowd Funded here https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/challenge-to-huawei-5g/ 

Michael is instructed by Oliver Carter of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. 

To arrange an interview with Michael Polak or his clients please email m.polak@timm283.sg-host.com or contact us by phone +44 020 7936 3637 

Michael is available for instructions in human rights, international law, and international criminal law matters

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