Michael Polak Instructed to Seek Permission from Attorney General for the Prosecution of ‘Xinjiang’ Chairman Erkin Tuniyaz Due to Arrive in London on Sunday 12 February 2023.

Michael Polak
By: Michael Polak February 9, 2023

Church Court Chambers Michael Polak has been instructed by Mr Otarbay Yerbakyt,  the alleged victim of torture and other international crimes committed in the Uyghur Region.  Torture is recognised as a crime, prosecutable in the English courts under s134 Criminal Justice Act 1988.

On 9 February 2023 it was reported that Mr Tuniyaz is due to travel to the United Kingdom this Sunday 12 February 2023.  Permission for prosecution is required from the Attorney General for the crime of torture.  All those tried before the courts of the United Kingdom are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Michael Polak is available for instruction in international law matters by email on clerks@timm283.sg-host.com

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