Michael Polak leads Llewellyn Culver-Evans in successful 4-week unlawful eviction and burglary private prosecution.

Michael Polak
By: Michael Polak July 20, 2022

Chambers’ Michael Polak leading Chambers’ pupil Llewellyn Culver-Evans, instructed by Thanet District Council, prosecuted in this case which ended today when the jury returned unanimous convictions in the vast majority of charges against all four defendants, in what is believed to be England and Wales’ largest ever unlawful eviction prosecution.

The four defendants, the first two on the indictment being represented by Queen’s Counsel, faced charges of Unlawful Eviction, Interference with Peace and Comfort of Residential Occupiers, and Burglary. They were unanimously convicted of 28 of the 35 charges they faced. The indictment of 16 counts, made up of 15 conspiracy counts and one substantive count, related to eleven sets of tenants, all of whom were vulnerable, who were subjected to harassment, threats of violence, physical violence, intimidation and physical evictions from their homes.

The jury found that one tenant was attacked at his flat in Margate, his door was kicked in by a group of men, on the orders of the landlord. He was covered with petrol and had three of his teeth knocked out, before being ordered to leave.

In another flat in the same block, the jury convicted the landlords of organising for another group of masked men to kick through the door of a woman, who was at home with her children. These masked me then proceeded to threaten the tenant with weapons when they entered the flat and caused damaged to her toilet in a frightening attempt to cause her and her children to have to abandon their flat.

This case was widely reported in the media:


Michael Polak and Llewellyn Culver-Evans are available for instruction in private prosecution and local authority prosecutions and can be instructed by contacting their clerks by email, clerks@timm283.sg-host.com, or by phone 020 7936 3637.

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