Michael Polak represents mother of five-year-old girl in serious child abduction case

Michael Polak
Michael Polak June 17, 2024

Michael Polak is acting for a mother whose five-year-old girl, Elena Smolik, has been wrongfully retained in Slovakia by the father, in breach of a High Court order relating to the child’s care.

During a High Court hearing in which parties were allowed to be named, Mr Justice Francis described the matter as ‘a very serious case of child abduction’, believing that the father’s actions were ‘planned’.

Discussing the case, Michael said: ‘It is impossible to comprehend the pain and confusion that the current situation must be causing to Elena, who was living happily with her mother in London before suddenly being wrongfully retained in Slovakia.

‘To abduct Elena is already shocking, but to entirely deny her contact with and the love of her mother is abhorrent.

‘The father’s actions in this case, of taking a child overseas with permission, but then keeping the child there without it, is a clear breach of the orders of the English Court relating to Elena’s care.

‘Unfortunately, wrongful retention is not a criminal offence under British law, and consideration must be given to changing this to help prevent further cases such as this one.

‘Anyone with any information about the location of Elena should reach out to us confidentially to help end this nightmare for both mother and child.

‘We have asked the Metropolitan Police to request the issuance of an INTERPOL Yellow notice for Elena as a missing person, as this could result in the swift location of the child.’

News of the case was published in The Daily Mail, here.

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