Michael Polak Speaks at World Uyghur Congress East Turkistan/Uyghur Conference in Munich

Michael Polak
By: Michael Polak May 26, 2022

Church Court Chambers’ Michael Polak spoke on a panel at the World Uyghur Congress’s conference in Munich on 26 May 2022. He addressed the opportunities for addressing the atrocities being committed against the Uyghur people under the provisions of universal jurisdiction and the action he is launching with a team in regard to a universal jurisdiction prosecution in Argentina.  Universal jurisdiction provides that there are certain international crimes such as torture, crimes against humanity, and genocide which domestic courts should try no matter where the offences took place or who carried them out.

Michael was on a panel chaired by Hanno Schedler (Advisor for Genocide Prevention and Responsibility to Protect for Society for Threatened Peoples) with Sir Geoffrey Nice QC (Chair of the Uyghur Tribunal),  Ralph Bunche (Secretary-General of UNPO), and Nick Vetch (Vice-chair of the Uyghur Tribunal)

Michael is available for instruction in public international law and human rights matters.

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