Myanmar: Genocide? The law

Michael Polak
By: Michael Polak October 17, 2017

Michael Polak and Diana Constantinidou Deliver Genocide Lecture at the Universal Peace Federation

Last Thursday 28 September 2017 Michael Polak of Church Court Chambers and Diana Constantinidou of Strattonfield Chamber who is currently undertaking an international pupillage with Church Court Chambers delivered a well-received presentation at the Universal Peace Federation UK in Kensington. The lecture, which was presented to leaders of different minority groups, political and faith leaders, and those with an interest in the situation in Myanmar, covered the legal definitions and international criminal case law on Genocide as well as explaining the international and domestic legal and political avenues available for situations where it seems that genocide or international crimes may have been committed.

The event was hosted by:

Mr Robin Marsh, Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation UK and

Skeikh Hoja Ramzy, Director of Oxford Islamic Information Centre and Director of the Universal Peace Federation.

Diana and Michael are available for instructions in international law matters and have experience bringing cases before UN Mechanisms as well as media engagement in human rights campaigns. To instruct Diana and Michael please contact the clerks’ team by email: or phone +44 (0)20 7936 3637

You can watch the discussion via the link:



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