Operation Porthold

Islam Khan
By: Islam Khan November 9, 2022

Islam Khan secures only acquittal for his client in this multi handed trial on an attempted murder and section 18 GBH with intent. His client was accused to have fired a two-barrel 12 gauge shotgun deliberately and intentionally to kill it’s victim.

Mr Khan was able to convince the jury that the defendant’s story of accidental shooting causing shrapnel and pellets to spread causing injuries to the victim was consistent with the medical and ballistic experts’ opinion. He goes on further to explain that the only reason for the one shot was too scare and self-defend against the assailants from coming towards the defendant with machetes trying to cause his client serious injury.

Mr Khan was instructed by Akeeb Yakoob of Maurice Andrews Solicitors. Mr Khan also thanks Fiona McCaddy and Caroline Skeet of chambers in their assistance in the case.

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