Art and Antiquity

Members of Chambers can advise insurance companies, auction houses and dealers on a wide range of issues affecting art and antiquities including:

  • Resolving disputes in cases of defective title, provenance, authenticity and attribution
  • Setting up art funds and other art investment structures
  • Bequeathing art as part of estate, wills, trusts and related tax issues
  • Advising on criminal and fraud aspects of art, including fakes, forgeries, money laundering and art theft
  • Advising on cultural heritage property claims, including export licenses, spoliation, restitution and international treaty obligations
  • Exploitation and protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights including artists’ resale rights
  • Importing, exporting and moving works of art and art collections around the world
  • Negotiating and advising on fine art and museum insurance terms
  • Negotiating art sales, purchase loans and consignment, standard terms of business for dealers and auction houses
  • Advising on Auctions Law including third party claims and auctioneers responsibilities