Direct Access

Direct Access

Changes in the law in 2004 mean that members of the public, commercial organisations and non-commercial organisations can now instruct a barrister directly without the need to go through an intermediary.

Our barristers can assist with; advising on a legal problems, drafting any formal documents, communication with an opposing party and advocacy/representation in courts and tribunals.

Further information on Public Access can be found on The Bar Council website.

Please note that not all cases are suitable for public access and we will advise when it is in your best interest to instruct a solicitor.

Church Court Chambers offers a variety of public access qualified barristers to choose from who are specialised in a plethora of practices.

See below our list of barristers to choose from to best suit your needs.

If you wish to instruct one of our counsel directly please click here to download our enquiry form and send the completed form to

Direct Access Barristers

Year of Call - 1987

Year of Silk - 2009

Year of Call - 1992

Year of Silk - 2010

Year of Call - 1981

Year of Silk - 2012

Year of Call - 1982

Year of Call - 1985

Year of Call - 1988

Year of Call - 1990

Year of Call - 1996

Year of Call - 1999

Year of Call - 2000

Year of Call - 2001

Year of Call - 2002

Year of Call - 2002

Year of Call - 2002

Year of Call - 2002

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Year of Call - 2008

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