Success again for Kerim Fuad KC in Court of Appeal

Kerim Fuad KC
Kerim Fuad KC March 20, 2023

Mr Fuad KC was before the Vice- President, Chamberlain J and Hilliard J.
He successfully persuaded them that the 23 year minimum term for Ross McCullam was not unduly lenient and that the 30 year starting point was not engaged. He argued that that there was not sufficient evidence of “sexual conduct” to warrant the much higher starting point.
His client had engaged in deeply aggravating and atrocious behaviour which was fully set out in the press links, that included cutting the deceased’s neck 14 times, putting her body over a wall into a field, internet porn activity and serial killer research.
It was a challenging, disturbing, sensitive and complex trial involving partial defences of diminished responsibility and loss of control.
He was instructed by Chris Swistak and led Robin Howat.

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