Success for Llewellyn Culver-Evans in Private Prosecution

Llewellyn Culver-Evans
By: Llewellyn Culver-Evans June 12, 2023

Llewellyn Culver-Evans, of Chambers Crime and Private Prosecution Teams, achieved success in a recent Private Prosecution. 

A tenant and their disabled child, who had been living in appalling conditions, brought a private Prosecution of their landlords – a London Local Authority – under Section 82 Environmental Protection Act. The tenants had lived for nearly 5 years with water pouring from the ceiling, causing mold and damp at such a level as to cause prejudice to health. 

Following detailed and robust written submission by Llewellyn, the landlords agreed to complete significant remedial work to the property, as well as paying compensation to the tenant, and her legal fees. 

Llewellyn was instructed by Zoheb Chaudhry of Alexander Shaw Solicitors. 

Llewellyn is available to advise and represent in both bringing and defending Prosecutions arising from the Environmental Protection Act. 

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