Successful Appeal by Robert Newcombe leads to 10 years Imprisonment for False Rape Accuser

Robert Newcombe
By: Robert Newcombe September 7, 2017

Robert Newcombe, barrister at Church Court Chambers, succeeded in his application to the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) to quash the conviction for rape of Mahad Cassim. Mr Cassim had been convicted of raping Jemma Beale after giving her a lift in his car. The matter has been sub judice since 2014.

In a highly unusual decision of the Court of Appeal, Mr Cassim had been granted bail pending appeal. He had served over two years of a 7 year sentence.

The appeal against conviction was timetabled as a “fresh evidence” appeal with numerous witnesses in July 2015. Shortly before the Appeal presided over by Davis LJ, the Crown conceded and agreed with defence submissions that Mr Cassim’s conviction was unsafe.

After Mr Cassim’s conviction was quashed Ms Beale was charged with perjury and other offences against public justice on the basis of evidence which had been uncovered by a police investigation. She was eventually convicted at Southwark Crown Court in the summer of 2017 and received a sentence of imprisonment for 10 years.

Robert Newcombe was tirelessly assisted by Neena Baba, Solicitor, Central Law Practice, Wembley having both represented Mr Cassim at trial and the Appeal against conviction, and Chiara Maddocks, Barrister, at Church Court Chambers.





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