The Prosecution of Mr Boris Johnson MP by Private Prosecutor Marcus Ball

Lewis Power KC
By: Lewis Power KC May 30, 2019
Colin Witcher
By: Colin Witcher May 30, 2019

In the light of media and public enquiries to Chambers, we provide below a copy of the press release from Bankside Commercial Solicitors issued yesterday. There will be no further comments from Counsel or Chambers at this time.

Press Release / Update

In the matter of the Prosecution of Mr Boris Johnson MP by Private Prosecutor Marcus Ball

We issue this press release on behalf of our client, Marcus Ball, in response to media enquiries.

Today, in the above matter, in respect of which Bankside Commercial Solicitors and barristers Lewis Power QC, Colin Witcher and Anthony Eskander of Church Court Chambers are instructed by Marcus Ball, District Judge Coleman delivered judgment in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

District Judge Coleman decided that, having considered all the relevant factors, she was satisfied that this is a proper case in which to issue a summons against Mr Johnson for three counts of misconduct in public office.

The summons should, subject to the Court’s availability, be issued within the next few days, after which it will be served on Mr Johnson.

The charges against Mr Johnson are indictable only, which means that any trial will be in a Crown Court. The summons will specify a date when Mr Johnson must appear before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court. At that first appearance, the case will be sent to the Crown Court.

As stated by District Judge Coleman in her ruling today, the allegations which Mr Johnson faces are unproven accusations. She has not made any findings of fact.

It is important to make clear that at the public hearing on 23 May, Mr Johnson, through his counsel, denied any wrongdoing.

It would, in our view, be improper, leaving aside the need to ensure a fair trial, to comment on the substance of the allegations made against Mr Johnson, or on the evidence in support of them.

Should there be any further questions about this prosecution, please direct them to Bankside Commercial by email to: g.bright@banksidecommercial or or

If you wish to instruct Lewis Power QC, Colin Witcher or Anthony Eskander please contact the Clerks Room. Their full profiles may be viewed through the following links: Lewis Power QCColin Witcher, Anthony Eskander


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