Yasin Patel Clears International Cricketer Accused of ‘Fixing’

Yasin Patel FCIArb
By: Yasin Patel FCIArb May 26, 2021

An International Cricketer who was accused of being one of “Cricket’s Match Fixers” has been cleared of alleged spot-fixing and wrongdoing.  The cricketer was advised and represented by Yasin Patel.

The allegations were broadcast on the Al-Jazeera programme, “Cricket’s Match Fixers”, in May 2018 and alleged that spot-fixing had been present in the Test Matches between India and England in Chennai in December 2016 and also against Australia in Ranchi in 2017.  In a programme aired all over the world and watched by tens of millions, the serious accusations brought many questions in relation to the credibility of International sportsmen and the teams as well alleging that the “fixing” had led to millions of dollars being made by those involved.

The allegations from the documentary were thoroughly investigated by the International Cricket Council and they came to the conclusion that the claims lacked “credibility”. 

Further details of the report can be found on the following links:



Yasin Patel is a Barrister at Church Court Chambers who practices in Sports Law and Criminal Defence.

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