Yasin Patel comments on potential legal action from Premier League clubs over Profitability and Sustainability Rules

Yasin Patel FCIArb
By: Yasin Patel FCIArb April 11, 2024

Yasin Patel comments on Everton’s recent points deduction for breaching Profitability and Sustainability Rules, and discusses whether this could lead to legal action from rival Premier League clubs, in The i Paper.

“Although there is a potential loss of points, the Premier League don’t think they can deal with it within this time period so that may apply next year,” Yasin commented.

“What happens if the case is heard next season and they do get points deducted? Any right person would say those points should’ve been deducted this season.

“If Luton or Brentford were to get relegated and this case gets brought against Everton next season and they get points deducted, if I were their lawyer, I’d be suing the Premier League and Everton. But if I were Everton I’d be asking ‘what are the rules?’

“If you’re going to have guidelines, those guidelines should be clear to those who need to abide by them. But in this scenario, they’re not.”

Discussing further legal challenges from clubs, Yasin explained that “the Premier League have got their legal team lined up for legal battles, whether it be from Luton, Brentford, Everton or Leicester,”

“I wouldn’t rule out legal arguments from Leicester and other clubs that went down last year because ultimately they’ve suffered, given Everton’s points deductions should’ve been given last season.

“They may have been playing in the Premier League this season and they will have incurred losses because of that.”

“The Premier League is nothing but a company, and like any business, if Everton think they’ve been wronged by another business, the Premier League, of course they can go to court. If you lose your Premier League status, what comes with that are hundreds of millions worth of losses, players leaving, television rights etc.”

Yasin’s comments were published in The i Paper, 10 April 2024.

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