Yasin Patel comments on the widespread non-payment of professional cricketers, in The i Paper

Yasin Patel FCIArb
By: Yasin Patel FCIArb April 5, 2024

Yasin Patel discusses the exploitation of cricketers via late payment and non-payment of wages in top men’s and women’s domestic leagues, including the Indian Premier League (IPL), Pakistan Super League and Lanka Premier League, in The i Paper.

“They’re more at risk, firstly because they want to have that chance, secondly because they don’t want to upset owners of other franchises by demanding money and being seen as a trouble-maker and thirdly, there’s always the promise of contracts elsewhere.

“As you can see, a number of owners run franchises all over the world – the pool of owners is getting smaller and smaller and if you’re outside that circle, that can have a massive impact on your potential future earnings.

“It’s those lower down the scale who are suffering. Those bigger players, those who have agents who make sure they get paid well in advance, they’re okay. They’ll get their money, they’ll get their travel costs.

“I’ve heard of some players who haven’t even received their travel money. It’s everything from air fares to salaries and bonuses. And that’s a totally different story.

“All the power is with the franchises when it comes to players making their way in the game. Some of these youngsters are effectively being used as volunteers.”

Yasin’s comments were published in The i Paper, 29 March 2024.

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