Yasin Patel defends in prominent ‘body in the suitcase’ trial at the Old Bailey

Yasin Patel is representing the defence in the highly-publicised ‘body in the suitcase’ murder trial, which is set to reach the conclusion of the prosecution’s case today as the defence’s case will begin in this gripping legal matter at the Old Bailey.

The trial, which has been followed closely in the media and has been commented upon all over social media, has been closely scrutinised by a great many people, in a case where the events of the evening of 29 April 2023 are recorded on telephone footage and on CCTV. The body of the victim was recovered in a suitcase a few days later by a member of the public.

The jury and all the public attending the trial have been following the evidence in Court 5 that has had many twists and turns and will be hearing the defence case later today and over the coming days.

Yasin Patel is a leading Criminal Defence Barrister at Church Court Chambers and is part of the Crime and Regulatory Group. He is being led by Michael Borrelli KC and is instructed by Ibrahim Hussain of Stonehall Solicitors.

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