Sport’s Governing Body and Investigative bodies and Committees clear Former World and, European Champion and Multi-Championships Winner of all Allegations

Yasin Patel FCIArb
By: Yasin Patel FCIArb November 10, 2022

The former World Brazilian Jiu–Jitsu Champion, Jackson Sousa, has been cleared of all allegations by the UKBJJA, the governing body for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the UK. Represented by Yasin Patel, the Martial Arts specialist has been informed by the UKBJJA that the matter is now complete and closed.

Following a lengthy and thorough investigation by a specialist investigator, in a process where Mr Sousa had fully complied with the governing bodies’ thorough scrutiny and abided with all requirements as per the Complaints and Disciplinary Policy, it was confirmed that Mr Sousa had not breached the UKBJJA Code of Conduct.

The UKBJJA’s decision follows last year’s findings of an Independent Safeguarding Committee that concluded Jackson was innocent of any wrongdoing.
Mr Sousa said,

“Last year, the false allegations by some individuals on social media resulted in me getting suspended from my team and losing all my income, affiliations and sponsorships.

I was advised by my legal team to not engage in the “court of social media” and the “social media circus”. Instead, I cooperated fully with any investigations to clear my name.

It was difficult to remain silent for such a long time and not be able to speak my truth. Not only were the allegations untrue but I was subjected to hundreds of offensive and racist comments and received death threats. I was appalled to see how many in the BJJ community took part in an online cancel culture without allowing the facts to come to light through formal investigations.”

Jackson Sousa was represented by Yasin Patel, a Barrister at Church Court Chambers and Director of SLAM.Global.

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