Ciara Mc Elvogue

Year of Call - 2013

Full Profile

Ciara is an established practitioner with over 10 years of advocacy experience defending in most complex and serious of criminal cases including murder, attempted murder, firearms, serious and organised violence, large scale drugs conspiracies, human trafficking, offences involving children, large scale and complex fraud cases involving many thousands of pages of evidence and multi handed banking frauds.

Ciara is highly regarded for her excellent court manner, thorough preparation of cases and her ability to connect with juries. Ciara’s advocacy skills including cross examination and legal argument are regarded as ‘second to none’. Ciara has consistently achieved excellent results and has been described as ‘going over and beyond what you would expect of a barrister’.

Ciara qualified as a solicitor in her first career and quickly achieved higher rights of audience in all proceedings (criminal & civil 2007) Prior to joining chambers Ciara was a successful sole practitioner running her own chambers having been called to the Bar in 2013. (Middle Temple).

Prison Law/Actions Against Police & Prisons

Regular appearances before the parole boards for lifer prisoners.

HDC applications, ROTL and re-categoristaion applications for serving prisoners.

Representation of prisoners at adjudication hearings for offences committed in prison.

Professional Memberships

The Honorable Society of Middle Temple

The Criminal Bar Association

The South Eastern Circuit


University of North London- LL.B Hons Law

Inns of Court School of Law- Legal Practice Course

Higher Rights of Audience (all proceedings)

Fully duty accredited (courts and police stations)



Cases of note

  • criminal law
    R v S

    Successfully appealed a sentence in a case involving large scale possession with intent to supply class A drugs.

    R v O

    Successfully appealed against sentence passed in case of possession with intent to supply class A drugs to undercover Police Officers.

    R v K 2017 Bristol Crown Court

    Represented a Defendant who was alleged to have kidnapped and seriously assaulted his ex partner

    R v P 2016 Norwich Crown Court

    Represented a Defendant who was accused of trafficking immigrants from Eastern Europe for the purposes of exploitation in an organised criminal enterprise. Numerous firearms were also recovered.

    R v G 2017 Inner London Crown Court

    Represented a Defendant who committed a sexual assault against a 14 year old girl on the London Underground.

    R v J 2016 Snaresbrook Crown Court

    Defendant had in his possession hundreds of thousands of indecent images and movies of children.

    R v B 2015 Southwark Crown Court

    Represented a Defendant aged 21 who was in possession of over 1,000 indecent images of children.

    R v R 2016 Coventry Crown Court

    Successful appeal against conviction for sexual assault.

    R v T 2014 Newcastle Crown Court

    Defended in a 10 handed violent disorder arising from organised football violence between West Ham FC and Sunderland FC.

    R v F 2016 Snaresbrook Crown Court

    Represented an 81 year old woman who was convicted of sending hoax substances to MP’s including Tony Blair and Ian Duncan Smith as well the House of Commons.

    R v C 2016 Southwark Crown Court

    Represented a Defendant who was alleged to be part of a 100 strong gang who stole thousands of pounds worth of designer wear from high end fashion stores in central London. Issues involving identification and facial mapping.

    R v A 2013 Wood Green Crown Court

    Represented a youth who stood trial for possession of a firearm and ammunition. The Defendant was alleged to have fired live rounds at rival gang members across a busy shopping street on a Saturday afternoon in North London.

    R v J 2017 Maidstone Crown Court

    Represented 1 of 12 Defendants charged with conspiracy to steal from haulage lorries at the port of Dover. The Defendant was also charged with various drugs offences.

    R v A 2012 Snaresbrook Crown Court

    Led Junior for the first Defendant convicted of multiple charges of counterfeiting. This was a major criminal enterprise involving the counterfeiting of hundreds of thousands of pounds and spanning throughout England, Wales and Scotland. This case attracted significant media attention.

    R v O 2015 St Albans Crown Court 2015

    Defended in armed robbery of £450,000 of gold and s18 GBH.

    R v B Blackfriars 2014 Crown Court 2014

    Attempted Murder/s18 GBH. Represented a youth aged 15 who was charged with stabbing another youth several times in the lungs with a screw driver.

    R v M 2015 Croydon Crown Court

    Death by Dangerous Driving. The case attracted national and international media attention owing to the tragic and emotive facts of the case.

    R v N 2016 Central Criminal Court

    Murder and s18 GBH trial in which it was alleged that the Defendant killed his cellmate whilst on remand for another offence.

    R v S 2017 Southwark Crown Court

    Money laundering case involving a Defendant who was stopped at Heathrow airport in possession of £1 million in suitcases.

    R v T 2016 St Albans Crown Court

    Represented a Defendant charged with 14 counts of fraud and money laundering. The Defendant was in possession of £350,000 from a convicted fraudster and spent the money in order to avoid confiscation proceedings.

    R v C 2014 Southwark Crown Court

    Represented 1 of 13 Defendants in a fraud perpetrated against Santander Bank involving the sophisticated use of ‘KVM’ machines to obtain the banking details of thousands of customers of the bank.

    R v B 2016 Southwark Crown Court (Operation Anchorage)

    Multi handed fraud and money laundering perpetrated against Genesis Housing Association.

    R v V 2016 Central Criminal Court

    Represented the 1st Defendant of 3 who had acquired criminal property namely the proceeds of a fraud who was perpetrated against ‘Stub Hub’ based in the USA. Legitimate ‘Stub Hub’ accounts had been unlawfully accessed and thereafter used to purchase tickets in excess of $1 million.

    R v A 2014 Croydon Crown Court

    Defended a in £1 million benefit fraud spanning over 6 years. This case attracted significant media attention as the Defendant was a self employed NHS consultant.

    R v C 2016 Southwark Crown Court

    This was a complex banking fraud involving transferred funds amounting to several million pounds. Bogus shelf companies were created with the intention of defrauding major banks of significant sums of money.

    R v T 2015 Central Criminal Court

    Represented the 1st Defendant of 6 in a large scale credit card fraud valued in excess of £2 million. The Defendant was unanimously acquitted. This case involved over 12,000 pages of evidence.

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