Ciara Mc Elvogue

Year of Call: 2013

Ciara is a committed defence barrister who is regarded as a first class advocate with over 12 years experience in the Criminal and Appellate courts.

Ciara has an enormous capacity for complex criminal cases and has the ability to assimilate large quantities of evidence. Ciara is highly regarded for her meticulous preparation of cases, her impressive court room manner and her ability to form an instant rapport with clients. Ciara is regularly instructed in cases involving allegations of murder, large scale complex frauds, sexual offences and serious and organised crime.


Current Instruction

R v I: Multi – handed murder and attempted murder.

R v X: Multi – handed case involving the supply of several kilos of class A drugs.

R v H: Defendant charged with supplying 11 kilos of class B drugs.

R v L: Defendant charged with possession with intent to supply (6 kilos of cocaine and 11 kilos of cannabis)

R v W: Instructed to represent the Defendant in respect of allegations of rape and violent assault.

Notable Cases

  • R v S 2020 (Operation Carnival)

    Represented 1st Defendant of 13 as Leading Counsel in £20 million fraud involving Transport For London (TFL). The Defendant, together with others ran a highly sophisticated operation, fraudulently producing counterfeit rail cards on a massive scale. The Defendant was head of the distribution and manufacturing chain and was at the pinnacle of the operation. This case involved vast quantities of electronic telephone evidence.

  • R v B (2019) (Operation Sneaton)

    Represented 1st Defendant in multi- handed large scale banking fraud which took place across England & Wales involving involving the use of cards which were adapted with false chips and magnetic strips encoded with legitimate bank card numbers to make large cash withdrawals. This case involved the manipulation of the cash withdrawal system resulting in huge financial losses to Barclay’s Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland.

  • R v A (2019) (Operation Italici)

    Represented Defendant following NCA investigation into the large scale import, export and distribution of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS). Over 600 kilos of AAS was seized from Heathrow Airport which led to the investigation and arrest of the Defendants who were an organised crime group which was the most prolific of its kind ever uncovered in the world and likely to be the biggest global players in the AAS market. This case involved complex legal arguments surrounding breaches of the relevant PACE provisions and hundreds of hours of surveillance evidence.

  • R v T & R v G (2018 & 2019)

    Perverting the Course of Justice- Represented two defendants in separate trials in an operation involving a total of thirty Defendants. This case revolved around the activities of a former employee of EMS Limited, a Ministry of Justice appointed electronic monitoring company. It was alleged that EMS employees arrange wholly outside of the proper scope of their dues and /or any legitimate authority, to use genuine issued equipment to tamper with electronic monitoring equipment. It was alleged that the equipment was tampered with in an effort to evade the practical restrictions which electronic monitoring necessarily involves. This case involved a vast quantity of raw scientific data and lengthy cross examination of the Crown’s scientific experts.

  • R v C (2016)

    Complex banking fraud involving transferred funds amounting to several million pounds. Bogus shelf companies were created with the intention of defrauding major banks of significant sums of money.

  • R v M (2019)

    Appeal against conviction and sentence in a baby shaking murder case. Instructed post conviction to advise on the merits of an appeal and draft fresh grounds of appeal (Pro-Bono). This case involved expert medical evidence on the correlation between spinal injury and the respiratory system.

  • R v N (2017)

    Represented Defendant charged with murder which was committed in custody. This case involved complex issues regarding diminished responsibility.

  • R v MH (2018)

    Represented Defendant in stranger rape case in which the Complainant was drugged, physically assaulted and violently raped over an extended period at the Defendants address.

  • R v K (2018)

    Represented Defendant charged with the rape of a female on the premises of a Bar/Nightclub.

  • R v H (2019)

    Represented Defendant charged with large scale, multi-kilo supply of class A & B drugs involving. Case involved surveillance evidence and a large quantity of telephone raw data.

Prison Law/Actions Against Police & Prisons

Regular appearances before the parole boards for lifer prisoners.

HDC applications, ROTL and re-categoristaion applications for serving prisoners.

Representation of prisoners at adjudication hearings for offences committed in prison.

Professional Memberships

The Honorable Society of Middle Temple

Member of the Fraud Lawyers Association

Higher Rights of Audience (All Proceedings)

The Criminal Bar Association

The South Eastern Circuit


University of North London- LL.B Hons Law

Inns of Court School of Law- Legal Practice Course

Higher Rights of Audience (all proceedings)

Fully duty accredited (courts and police stations)