Ciara McElvogue secures unanimous acquittal in major perverting the course of justice trial lasting 7 weeks.

By: Ciara Mc Elvogue July 27, 2018

This case revolved predominantly, though not exclusively around the activities of a former
employee of EMS Limited, a Ministry of Justice appointed electronic monitoring company.
A total of 30 Defendants were charged, including employees of EMS Limited.

It was alleged that the employees arranged wholly outside of the proper scope of their duties
and/or any legitimate authority to use genuine EMS issued equipment to tamper with electronic
monitoring equipment. The equipment was applied to monitor compliance with legal curfew
requirements imposed on some of the Defendants.

It was alleged that the EMS Limited employees tampered with the equipment in an effort to
evade the practical restrictions which electronic monitoring necessarily involves.
The Crown’s case was that the ‘inside men’ were making money providing an unlawful service
abusing the trust placed in them by virtue of their position, selling the opportunity to those who
were made the subject of strict bail conditions to avoid the restrictions which tagged curfew
necessarily involved and in the process thereby perverting the course of justice.

This case involved many thousands of pages evidence including including a vast amount of raw
scientific data and extremely lengthy cross examination of the Crown’s scientific experts.
The Defendant was unanimously acquitted in week 7 of the trial.

Ciara McElvogue


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