Mohammed Bashir

Year of Call: 2002
“Simply the best; a barrister with depth of knowledge, sharp intellect, and able to think outside the box. Fearless and presents every argument with confidence, reassuring, and clients could not ask for more.”

– Cosmas Dikeocha, Solicitor

Mohammed has mixed criminal and personal injury practice. He regularly appears as a specialist defence advocate in the Crown Court and Magistrates’ Court, and on personal injury matters in the County Court and High Court.

Mohammed is hard-working, analytical, thorough and fearless in court. On a practical level, Mohammed has an approach which is empathetic to the clients’ needs, and he is conscious that often it is the defendant’s family who suffer along with the defendant. Mohammed prepares thoroughly for cases, whether they are Magistrates trials or lengthy Crown Court trials.

Mohammed has a broad defence practice, encompassing the breadth of criminal and regulatory offences. He is known for his representation of clients organised accused of crimes involving drugs and organised crime networks facilitating the importation and onward distribution of drugs and firearms.

Mohammed understands that defendants’ needs can be wider than just representation in court whilst trials are in progress; he is able to give advice relevant to these issues.

Mohammed also specialises in representing defendants involved in satellite crimes associated with drug supply, such as burglary, thefts, credit card fraud and money laundering.

Outside of court, clients may find Mohammed relaxed and approachable, willing to travel to conferences across the country. He is good-humoured and patient when dealing with clients, both professional and lay outside of court.

In the BBC documentary ‘Hell in a Bottle‘, Mohammed provided some insight as to the rise, cause and judicial approach to acid attacks across the United Kingdom.

Notable Cases

  • R v T - 2019 Central Criminal Court

    Junior Counsel representing a Defendant allegedly involved in Perverting the Course of Justice after an alleged ‘gangland’ murder.

  • R v H - 2018, 2019 Snaresbrook Crown Court

    Operation Deghvard. Junior Counsel during a trial involving 11 Defendants charged with a Conspiracy to Commit Grievous Bodily Harm. The case centred around historical and ongoing gang rivalries and involved the analysis of complex GPS vehicle data and phone data.

  • R v B and Otrs - 2019 Southwark Crown Court

    Operation Hipsometer, Leading Counsel in a complex multi layered trial involving the specialised theft and dismantling of over 200 vehicles valued in total at over £1 million. The Defendant was alleged to have been a significant and central element to the ringing and concealment of vehicle identities and parts along with their onward sale and concealment as well as arranging for the vehicles to be moved to and from across the United Kingdom.

  • R v I and Otrs - 2017 Southwark Crown Court

    Leading Andrew Kerr in a lengthy multi-handed trial involved in the organised theft of vehicles valued in the region of £1.2 million. Defendants used cloned car keys, false number plates, forged vehicle documentation, surveillance of targets and hi-tech computer technology to steal luxury vehicles. The case was reported in the Daily Mail.

  • R v A A and Otrs - 2017, Reading Crown Court

    Multi-handed violent fight between gangs of boys resulting in a stabbing. Client was acquitted after a successful submission of no case to answer surrounding issues of identification and participation.

  • R v F - April 2016

    Successful reduction in sentence involving submissions on the correct approach to written bases of pleas, offender mitigation and credit by crown court judges.

  • R v P - April 2016

    Successful appeal against the sentence of Truro Crown Court’s incorrect imposition of an indeterminate life sentence when the correct sentence should have been a determinate sentence. As reported on ITV.

  • DWP v A D

    Selling of fake Viagra and associated confiscation proceedings, reported in The Sun.

  • R v D T and Otrs

    Murder of Olu Olagbaju in Shadans nightclub December 2006, reported in the Evening Standard.

  • RCPO v L M

    Prosecuted Importation of Class A drugs in luggage.

  • R v A & A

    Student loan fraud valued at £175,000 and ongoing confiscation proceedings.

  • R v S

    Dealing of drugs to undercover officers and test purchase officers in Lewes over a two-year period.

  • DWP v L

    Benefit fraud by a young mother over a two-year period totaling £3,000

  • DWP v B L

    Council tax and housing benefit fraud by an elderly lady over a 20-year period.

  • R v D and Otrs 2012 (Junior Counsel)

    Largest ever conspiracy to produce cannabis.

  • R v M - 17th May 2013, Luton Crown Court

    High-profile acquittal in a wilful neglect case involving an Alzheimer’s patient left overnight in a Council bus, reported in The Mirror.

  • R v S A - 2013, Teeside Crown Court

    £1 million mortgage fraud.

  • R v P - 2014 Harrow Crown Court

    Acquittal of delivery driver allegedly involved in the importation of heroin in rice sacks from India.

  • R v A - 2014 Bristol Crown Court

    Acquittal after a seven-week trial of a clearing agent alleged to have been the central figure in a network of importations of drugs into the West and South East of England.

  • Akhtar v Linford Christie - 2014

    Personal injury claim arising out a road traffic accident valued at £1 million approx, as reported in The Guardian.

  • Homes for Haringey v Barbara and Piper Fari [2013] EWHC 3477 (QB) and [2013] EWHC 3623 (QB) in the High Court (QBD)

    Contempt of court case, where the court imposed a custodial sentence on both a wife and husband for outrageously exaggerating the wife’s personal injury claims. The case attracted wide media attention, including in the Evening Standard, and it remains one of the few cases of its kind.


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