Pamela Brain

Year of Call: 1985

Pamela Brain is one of the most respected barristers practicing at the criminal bar and has nearly 30 years’ experience in defending in complex and difficult cases. She has defended virtually every kind of criminal offence and is renowned as a brilliant jury advocate. She has successfully defended in murder and attempted murder cases, in particular in those involving ‘battered woman syndrome’. She has been instructed in cases involving allegations of Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Blackmail, Riot, Conspiracy to Import and Supply large quantities of Class A drugs, large scale Fraud and Money Laundering cases and Child Cruelty.

Pamela has a particular expertise in defending these very difficult types of cases. She has represented defendants who have been charged with every type of sexual allegation including those accused of Serial Rapes , Gang Rapes, Rapes involving the Administering of Date Rape Drugs, Male Rape, Paedophile Offences , Indecent Images and Historical Allegations with some dating back 30 or 40 years. Naturally she has gained considerable experience in cross examining vulnerable complainant’s. Some have been as young as 4 years of age and others have needed the assistance of intermediaries because of their severe learning difficulties or mental health problems. She is particularly skilled in cross examining the complainant’s in a way that does not alienate the jury from the defence case. This ability sets her apart from many others at the criminal bar. She also has very good client skills, which is especially appreciated by those who instruct her in these uniquely difficult cases. She often represents young defendant’s as well as those who are vulnerable because of learning difficulties or mental health issues and she has a reputation as being someone who can engage with some of the most challenging of clients.

Pamela has extensive experience in the Court of Appeal. In 3 separate cases of Rape she has managed to successfully persuade the Court to overturn the convictions and allow the appeals. They were cases involving allegations of Gang Rape, a Rape by a Youth and an Historic allegation dating back over 30 years.

Pamela is direct access qualified.

Notable Cases

  • R V S

    This was a case where it was alleged that the defendant was a serial rapist who had raped 3 women who were unknown to each other. Following a day of legal argument, the Crown offered no evidence.

  • R V D

    This was a case which was widely reported in the National Press ( news/article-2063439) It was an historic allegation of Rape involving 2 young complainants.

  • R V F

    This was a case involving allegations of Sexual Activity with multiple complainants who were suffering from dementia by an employee of a Care Home.

  • R V F

    This was a case involving an allegation of Rape where both the complainant and defendant suffered from very severe learning difficulties and mental health problems. Both required intermediaries. The defendant was acquitted of the charge.

  • R V Y

    This was a case concerning an allegation of Rape where it was alleged that a date rape drug had been administered. The defendant was acquitted.

  • R V J

    This was an allegation of Rape where the complainant had learning difficulties. A defence application for disclosure was made and this resulted in the CPS obtaining third party material. In light of this material the Crown offered no evidence.

  • R V E

    This case involved an allegation that the defendant was part of a long running international advanced fee fraud which involved the defrauding of millions of pounds from vulnerable victims.

  • R V L

    In this case it was alleged that the defendant had fired a shot gun at a 12 year old girl, causing injury.

  • R V K

    This was a case involving a conspiracy to supply large quantities of Cocaine that originated from Colombia.

  • R V W

    This was a case involving 2 separate conspiracies to supply large quantities of Cocaine.

  • R V C

    This case involved an employee of the DWP who was alleged to have made a fraudulent claim re invalidity benefit. There was extensive surveillance evidence and expert medical evidence. The proceedings were stayed as a result of a successful abuse of process application being made.

Publications and Lectures

The Practical Challenges of Representing Defendant’s Accused of Sexual Offences