Alex Balancy secures the acquittal of his professional celebrity cage fighter client after a 6-week trial.

Alex Balancy
Alex Balancy February 26, 2018

Alex’s client was one of 10 defendants charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine in the High Wycombe area. Two other defendants were tried earlier and convicted of possession with intent to supply cocaine. Two of the 10 defendants pleaded guilty and the trial proceeded with the remaining 8 defendants. Alex’s client was only one of 4 found not guilty by the jury. There was a total of 150 witnesses and over 125,000 used pages. Alex was instructed by Sasha Sidhu and Sajid Mahmood at SVS Solicitors

Alex’s in the last few months successfully secured the acquittal of his clients in a series of very similar conspiracy to supply cocaine, heroin and cannabis trials in Croydon Crown Court and Woolwich Crown Court. This followed the successful acquittal of his client on a murder charge following a 4 weeks trial at the Old Bailey.

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