Amjad Malik KC and Shaun Esprit Secure Unanimous Conviction for Murder in Targeted Motorcar Attack. 

Shaun Esprit
By: Shaun Esprit October 24, 2022

Amjad Malik KC and Shaun Esprit of chambers were instructed by CPS Essex in a highly sensitive and difficult case, in which the defendant used his car as a weapon. The victim was deliberately knocked off his moped in Marine Parade, Harwich, Essex in a targeted attack in April 2020. 

The defendant was extradited to the UK for trial earlier this year having fled the jurisdiction shortly after the offence.

The defendant was convicted unanimously of murder and also grievous bodily harm with intent in relation to an elderly passer-by, who was struck by the moped moments after the rider had been knocked off by the defendant.

The trial made national headlines due to the unusual nature of the case:

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