Kerim Fuad QC Instructed in yet Another High Profile Case Dubbed the “Midsomer Murder”

Kerim Fuad KC
By: Kerim Fuad KC November 7, 2019
Paul Webb
By: Paul Webb November 7, 2019

Kerim Fuad QC, head of Church Court chambers, leads Paul Webb of chambers in the representation of a man who is alleged to have broken into a Waterside house in Bosham, West Sussex late at night in December 2013 with a claw hammer. He is alleged to have used the hammer to attack and kill a grandmother who was house sitting. The injuries in particular to her head are described as “extreme and akin to those seen in a road traffic accident.”

He then fled to Dej, Romania from where he was extradited under a European Arrest Warrant 6 years later. 

The case led to the most extensive police investigation in Sussex history. 9,000 people were interviewed and over 3,000 DNA samples were taken in a police hunt for her killer.

The evidence is he confessed  to his ex partner and his dna was found on the bloodied hammer discarded at the scene.

They are instructed by Sef Mani of Bark and Co Solicitors.

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