Shaun Esprit and Colin Witcher attend International War Crime Conference at The Hague.

Shaun Esprit
By: Shaun Esprit February 1, 2016

Over the weekend of the 30th January 2016, the International Bar Association’s War Crime Committee held their now annual War Crime Conference at the Peace Palace, in the Hague.

The event brings together leading international lawyers, judges, military officers and academics from around the world for a critical analysis of contemporary War Crime issues. This year’s topics included cyber warfare, the detention of those on the battle field and the investigation of war crimes, to name but a few.

Shaun and Colin, who are both Members of Chambers International Criminal Team, found the programme informative, engaging and enlightening. Despite the well documented events of history and the often devastating effects of war, countries (and non-state actors) continue to resort to armed conflict. It is important that lawyers who advise before, during and after such conflicts understand not simply the applicable law but the practical realities of being the soldier on the ground with the finger on the trigger.

Events such as those hosted by the War Crime Committee are therefore important in ensuring that the discussion and the debate involves the military and brings a truly rounded and international perspective.

Both Shaun and Colin express their thanks to the IBA and the War Crime Committee Officers.

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