Islam Khan represents man who committed drugs-fuelled driving rampage on M3 – for more than 30 miles

Islam Khan
By: Islam Khan March 11, 2024

Islam Khan represented Gavin Bathurst-Shaw-Binning, a motorist who targeted those he deemed ‘bad drivers’ by deliberately crashing into at least nine cars on a busy motorway in Hampshire while high on cocaine and cannabis, on 16 June 2023 stretching 30 miles.

Islam mitigated on behalf of Bathurst-Shaw-Binning, who has been jailed for nine years (just persuading the Honorary Recorder of Winchester to avoid a life sentence).

In mitigation Mr Khan submitted: “I don’t know what happened to him that day and I don’t know why he was so stupid that his remorse did not appear when interviewed.”

Islam explained that Bathurst-Shaw-Binning takes “full responsibility” for his actions. “Ramming like a maniac on that road on the 16th of June at that busy time… I don’t know what was going through his mind.

“It sent shivers through my spine that if that were somebody else… what would I be doing?

“I asked [Bathurst-Shaw-Binning] ‘What do you have to say about your actions,” who put his head down in shame and said “Sincerely, I am sorry as to what I have done.”

Islam’s comments were published in MetroMailOnline, and the Daily Echo 8 March 2024.

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