Islam Khan

Year of Call: 2008
Islam's strength and professionalism in the courtroom were truly remarkable.

His confident demeanour and steadfast defence not only put me at ease but also instilled a sense of confidence in me throughout the proceedings. His ability to handle challenging situations and effectively advocate on my behalf was truly impressive.

I especially appreciated his work in confronting the prosecutor, when he turned on the videotape showing the full picture and opened the Judge's eyes, a moment which played a crucial role in the outcome of the trial. His dedication to my case was evident, and I am grateful for his hard work and expertise.

– 2024, Instructed by Criminal Defence Solicitors: Client in a criminal defence case involving serious violence of grievous bodily harm with intent

Islam "has an ability to explain complex issues in simple terms. Great client care skills. Mesmerising speeches, eloquent cross examination and tactical nous."

– 2024, Mr Costa Cantaris, Cantaris Locke Solicitors

“Your insightful guidance and advice were not only instrumental in navigating the complexities of the post-government collapse but also provided me with a sense of direction during an otherwise uncertain period. Your selfless dedication to helping me, without charging me anything, even amidst your busy schedule, has made a significant impact on our lives.”

– 2024, Mr Sherzad, Former UN Employee

“We accept Mr Khan’s succinct yet powerful submissions to quash the manifestly excessive sentence of Mr Hand.”

– 2023, Lord Justice Edis, Court of Appeal Criminal Division

“My firm has been working with Islam Khan, for several years. I find Islam excellent to work with. I have instructed Islam on many serious cases, including (but not limited to):

- Serious offences of violence including murder and Section 18 Grievous Bodily Harm.
- Voluminous drugs cases including conspiracy to supply drugs and conspiracy to import drugs.
- Sexual offences including rape and meeting a child following sexual grooming.
- Serious offences concerning exploitation and human trafficking, under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
- And Conspiracy to commit fraud."

– 2023, Rajesh Bhamm, Senior Partner at Tank Jowett Solicitors

"An experienced trial barrister. He is thorough and fully prepared for court hearings, always. He has secured acquittals in serious cases, that I have instructed him on. He has also helped secure bail for a number of my clients, including securing bail for a client charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Islam is one of the main barristers that I instruct on my serious Crown Court Cases."

– 2023, Rajesh Bhamm, Senior Partner at Tank Jowett Solicitors

“Islam Khan has the enthusiasm to work on the brief given to him from day 1 to the last day. As a criminal expert solicitor, it is important to have a working partner to not only assist in the conduct of the matter but to be guided whenever the need arises. Islam does this to a high degree of satisfaction, works hard and is proactive. My lay clients are re-assured to know that their matter receives the attention from a barrister who is committed to defend them."

– 2023, Mr Peter Fernando, Senior Partner at Stonehall Solicitors

“…..Most importantly, Mr Khan possessed that rarest of skills—knowing when to listen and when to talk, which left me feeling both validated, as the victim’s relative, and empowered, as her voice in court. Mr Khan was as professionally expert as he was personally empathic, as shown by his 48-hour follow-up call, to explain to me my family’s legal options moving forward but, more significantly, to express to me his sincerest hopes for my family’s future. Mr Khan represents the best of both justice and the justice system.”

– 2023, Mr Daniel Finn-Fitzpatrick, Inquest of CF

“We have instructed Islam now on numerous attempt murder, serious violence, drugs and fraud trials. He’s one of our best counsel guiding us from the start to last leading to great results.”

– 2022, Mr Akeeb Yakoob, Maurice Andrews Solicitors

“We found Mr Khan's attention to detail and excellent advocacy skills yielding results every time.”

– 2022, Mr Shakil Shah, Woolfe & Co

"I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Khan. He was very accommodating and willing to accept the brief at very short notice ... was very responsive to all communications and made himself available when I troubled him ... was very proactive at the trial, which was noted by the defendant. Who also wishes to extend his gratitude to Mr Khan ... secured a Not Guilty Verdict. I look forward to working with Mr Khan in the Future."

– 2021, Mr Tahir Mahmood, Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors

“Islam is committed to bottoming out every issue and is genuinely engaged with his cases, providing helpful post hearing advice and assistance.”

– 2020, Ms Ghislaine Sandoval, Imran Khan & Partners

“It is the first time I have worked with Islam Khan, he was very helpful, thorough, and professional given the last minute instructions. He was able to get the result we wanted, and for that I am hugely appreciative. I look forward to working with him again.”

– 2019, Ainsley Harris Solicitors - Solicitors and Commissioners for Oaths & Higher Court Advocates

“...He has great courtroom style & is aware of the scrupulous attention he gives to preparation, in addition to the effort he commits to the actual hearing.” The SSHD commented “The commendation received was also highly complementary about his advocacy style. I have personally observed him on a number of occasions & would describe his advocacy as calm, professional, proportionate & measured. He is very well aware of ethical standards & he demonstrated his awareness of disclosure by challenging me on that very issue.”

– 2016, District Judge Lawrence and Mr. Williams, Secretary of State for Home Department

“Islam Khan has appeared in front of me in BH (Ghana) on two occasions....He argued the case with great effect.”

– 2013, LJ Moses Court of Appeal

Islam’s main practice is defending in serious crime, with a particular focus on Conspiracy related crime, Proceeds of Crime, Fraud, Drugs and Immigration related criminal fraud. He is often instructed on serious violence including murder, manslaughter, and gang violence, as well as on appeals against sentence and conviction and is regularly requested to provide second opinions post convictions.

Whilst testing cases in Judicial Review and varying his advocacy practice, Islam is also instructed by individuals who often find themselves in disputes with medical bodies, including, GMC, NMC, CQC and HCPC and such legal bodies as, SRA and BSB. He is instructed by a number of organisations nationally in relation to HR policy and regulatory matters. A number of UK charities regularly consult Mr Khan regarding constitutional and charity commission disputes.

Islam’s initial practice has been immigration, and is still available for specialist expert advice in appeals on Asylum, Trafficking, Deportation and Urgent Removal hearings (including out of hours injunctions) and bail hearings with many years of experience.

Islam’s sense of fair play has led him to volunteer at Bail for Immigration Detainees, Fair Trials International and Hackney Law Centre. Islam was an active mediator for Tower Hamlets Mediation Services.

Islam began working from a very young age to support his vulnerable family and in doing so, supported and held his family together; he came to the Bar with rich life experience as a mature student. His career boasts a diverse background; Islam owned his own successful catering business. He was a chef, owner manager and guest host. He also hosted at the Millennium Dome in the year 2000 as an operational field host.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Islam has a keen developing interest in probate/administration of estates law. He obtained above and beyond a first class in this topic during his Academic studies leaving his personal tutor “professionally pleased and delighted.” Islam often drafts Islamic Wills for members of the community free of charge, subject to a donation to a charity.

Notable Cases

  • Operation Shadow

    2024 – Attempt Murder at Birmingham CC in the case of AA.

    Maurice Andrews Solicitors

  • R v B-S-B

    2023 – Represented Gavin Bathurst-Shaw-Binning in a notable case involving dangerous driving and four counts of causing criminal damage by driving recklessly. Coverage included MetroMailOnline and Daily Echo.

  • R v A

    2023 – Attempt Murder

  • Operation Mablis

    2023 – People Smuggling, assisting Asylum Seekers and organised crime

  • R v G

    2023 – Attempt murder, representations leading to s18 OAPA being offered at court

  • R v AR

    2023 – Attempt Murder, Controlling Coercive Behaviour, Birmingham CC

  • Operation Wealdfarm

    2023 – Lead in this Paddington Murder trial, Gang Violence, at Old Bailey

  • Operation Porthold

    2022 – Attempt Murder and Possession of Firearms, Gang Violence, GBH, Birmingham CC, Acquittal

  • R v H

    2022 – £21 million Fraud – MSB and Money Laundering

  • R v N

    2022 – Attempt Murder, GBH, Wolverhampton CC

  • R v MAK

    2019 – Multiple Immigration and Housing Fraud

  • Operation Slipstream

    Multi-handed conspiracy fraud in Tower Hamlets revenue

  • Operation Over the Top

    Junior in a Multimillion pound fraud across many years

  • Operation Vocare

    Conspiracy Aggravated burglary and handling stolen goods

  • Operation Chalkwell

    Conspiracy Drugs county lines

  • Operation Topanga

    Conspiracy to supply with intent

  • R v Iqbal

    £34 million fraud collapses at Snaresbrook Crown Court due to “catastrophic disclosure” failures by CPS

  • High Court (Admin) v SH (Mubin)

    Ongoing – Challenging the MOJ’s inefficient and incompetent new interpreting services that deny access to justice and develop a case law guidance given the severe civil war in Bangladesh

  • ST (Gambia) v SSHD

    2016 – Challenging the SSHD that the rule on intention to live together and subsisting marriage should apply at the same time and not separately

  • BH (Ghana) v SSHD

    2013 – Challenging that it is contrary to fair trial rights to allow the SSHD to adduce evidence on its own volition without challenge. Lord Justice Moses states…”Islam Khan has appeared in front of me in BH (Ghana) on two occasions…He argued the case with great effect.”

  • Court of Appeal v Quila and Ors

    2011 – Challenging the UK age bar to overseas marriage

  • HCPC v G

    2020 – 2022 – Expert evidence on IT use by physiotherapist led to successful Abuse of Process argument

  • Hilbre Health Group v CQC

    2021 – Retained to advise Hilbre Health group from being suspended

  • RSPCA v Ors

    2020 – Multihanded trial for Possession, Selling and Trapping Wild Birds

  • NMC v Alovera

    2018 – Failing to administer medication, leading to death – Fitness to practise

  • Admiral Insurance v Samvat

    Serious allegations involving both regulatory and criminal aspects, fitness to practise

  • Admiral Insurance v Samvat

    2021 – 5 day trial, High Court: Civil Fraud of over 2.5 million pounds

Current Instructions

2024 – Rex v A, Attempt Murder, sub machine gun involved, Birmingham CC
2024 – Rex v SB, Post Office Fraud, Snaresbrook CC
2024 – R v RL, Insurance Fraud, Woodgreen CC
2024 – R v ZA, Serious Violence, Woolwich CC
2024 – R v T, over 200 kilos drug importation, Manchester CC
2024 – R v Y, Conspiracy to supply class A, Woolwich CC
2024 – Conspiracy to supply Class A, Aylesbury CC


LL.M Public Law & Human Rights (King’s College, London - Merit)
Bar Vocational Course, ICSL (Outstanding in Legal Research)
LLB Hons. (Upper Second Class) at London Guildhall University


British Computer Society (Cybercrime panel)
Criminal Bar Association
International Law Association
Chadwell Heath Bowling Club

Awards and Achievements

Pro Bono Recognition List 2024, England and Wales
Canary Wharf Legal Training Award
Tower Hamlets Bar Vocational Award
Fight for injustice Scholarships
Tower Hamlets Mentor of the Year 2009
Lady Oliver Cup Mooting Competition (Quarter Finalists)
Judge at BPP annual moot competition
Presented on Visa and Human Rights training courses at Foreign Office
1st year LLB Moot assessments (1st class)

Published Articles

2015​ – The Last Raja of West Pakistan, editor and co-author
2013 – The Notary of England and Wales, American Bar Association's Section of International Law, Europe Committee - Europe Update (Newsletter), Issue 3, February
2012​ – Comparative Judicial Supremacy, issue 6, October 2012 – Dictum Law Magazine
2010​ – International legal principles on the raid of the flotilla – Islamic Digest
2010 – ​Indirect discrimination by requiring an age rule - Islamic Digest
2010 – ​Bibi challenges age bar on marriage visas - New Law Journal
2010 – ​Implications of Ghai & anor, Right to religious funeral according to Hindu beliefs
2009 – ​Whether FGM is an Islamic practice and its development in modern times - Incitelaw
2008 – ​Mediation in Practice - Tower Hamlets Mediation Newsletter
2005​ – The joys of an entry clearance officer - FCO and Home Office immigration news


Bengali (fluently)
Sylheti (fluently)
Urdu (conversational)
Hindi (conversational)


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