Kerim Fuad KC appeared before High Court in Old Bailey ‘verdict error’ case 

Kerim Fuad KC
By: Kerim Fuad KC February 2, 2024

Kerim Fuad KC appeared on behalf of the first Claimant in an extraordinary case which sought the Claimant’s release from detention under Habeas Corpus and for permission for Judicial Review. The Court (President of the KBD – Dame Victoria Sharp LJ, Mr Justice Holgate and Mr Justice Hilliard) have reserved judgment.

The case has featured in the national press given the bizarre circumstances which arose at trial.

As reported, Mr Fuad KC argued before the Court that:

“It would be a dark day indeed in our proud system of trial by jury, that has faithfully served our citizens for hundreds of years, whose sanctity of verdicts are reached in private, and delivered in public before all to witness, to later be subject to investigation, doubt and prying into the very privacy that lies at the cornerstone of a jury, so it can properly and fearlessly function without favour.”

Mr Fuad KC continued:

“Is a judge to wait for 15 minutes post verdict detaining the jury to triple check that their guilty or not guilty verdicts are correct?

“Who can rule out for sure that a juror was not moved upon verdict by the physical reaction of a defendant, their family or a deceased family member leading to a change of heart?”

Mr Fuad KC led Fiona McAddy of 2 Bedford Row, and was instructed by Deborah Spence of Spence & Joseph.

Mr Fuad KC’s comments were published in BBC NewsThe IndependentThe Evening StandardThe Daily Mail, and Express & Star.

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