Kerim Fuad KC instructed in another high profile, sensitive, and complex case

Kerim Fuad KC
By: Kerim Fuad KC June 23, 2023

Mr Fuad KC of Chambers Crime and Regulatory Team has been instructed to represent a young male who is alleged to have used a hammer to attack two fellow pupils and a teacher at the privately paying school in Devon. He is instructed by “Trinity Advocates” in Exeter. This sensitive and complex case has made international headlines: 

Kerim has over the past year illustrated, as he has for the last 4 decades, that he is the barrister of choice for the most sensitive and demanding cases. He has been in Silk for more than a decade and has been instructed on some of the most high profile cases in the country.  By way of example, in the past 12 months Kerim has been, amongst others, instructed in the following matters:

Donovan Miller, a male who murdered his grand mother and later had anal sex with her body:

Ross McCullam who murdered Megan Newborough and nearly decapitated her. He later successfully defeated a AG reference to increase his sentence:

Dennis Akpomedaye who stalked and stabbed his ex girlfriend upto 40 times up against a wall in an alleyway, again almost decapitating her:

If you are interested in instructing Kerim Fuad KC please contact his senior clerk Rod McGurk in Chambers. 

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