Llewellyn Culver-Evans secures unanimous not guilty verdicts in class A drug supply, leading Matthew Ralston

Llewellyn Culver-Evans
By: Llewellyn Culver-Evans April 29, 2024

Llewellyn Culver-Evans, leading Matthew Ralston of Foundry Chambers, secured not guilty verdicts for the Defendant, following a trial for class A drug supply at Luton Crown Court.

Following disclosure of thousands of pages of evidence on the first day of trial, Llewellyn applied for a Junior to assist with the preparation of the case.

The Defendant was arrested following a search of their property, wherein the police recovered a significant quantity of drugs, digital scales, money and several phones.

The Crown’s case was based around attributions of mobile phones, alongside other circumstantial evidence. Llewellyn and Matthew were able to challenge the Crown’s expert on the usage of the phones, demonstrating to the Jury that the Defendant was not the user.

The Jury returned unanimous not guilty verdicts on all counts.

Llewellyn was instructed by Asim Malik of Butt Solicitors.

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