Members attend British-Albanian Lawyers Association event at Hill Dickinson Solicitors

Kerim Fuad KC
By: Kerim Fuad KC April 7, 2016
Kevin Molloy
By: Kevin Molloy April 7, 2016
Paul Webb
By: Paul Webb April 7, 2016

On 4th April 2016 Kerim Fuad QC, Kevin Molloy and Paul Webb all of Church Court Chambers were guests at a lecture and reception at Hill Dickinson Solicitors.

They heard a fascinating lecture delivered by Dr Rudina Jasini on the recently established “Kosovo’s Special Crimes Court.” They met many members of the British-Albanian Lawyers’ Association and had the pleasure of being introduced to the Kosovon Ambassador.

Messieurs Fuad QC, Molloy and Webb were part of a select handful invited as recognised defence barristers with knowledge in international criminal law.

They express their thanks for this successful event to their hosts The British-Albanian Lawyers Association.

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