Success for Alex Balancy Who Secured the Release of His Client In An Honour Based Violent Multi Handed Case.

Alex Balancy
Alex Balancy December 18, 2020

Alex’s client was arrested together with 2 others for allegations of Conspiring to murder his ex-wife and other offences against her which the Prosecution argued had the hallmark of classic honour based violent crimes. 

He was charged with Attempted Kidnapping, Making Threats to Kill, Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm and Theft.  The prosecution considered but eventually decided not to add a count of Conspiracy to murder.

Following a jury trial that lasted over a month, Alex’s client was unanimously acquitted of the Attempted Kidnapping and Theft charges. The jury could not reach verdicts on the Making Threats to Kill and ABH charges. The prosecution decided not to have a re-trial on these 2 counts and Alex’s client was immediately released.

Alex Balancy was instructed by Foxes Solicitors.

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