Success for Mike Fullerton and Chiara Maddocks following 8 week trial in Carbon Credit Fraud.

By: Michael Fullerton April 9, 2018

Carbon Credit acquittals; Mike Fullerton, leading Chiara Maddocks, obtained unanimous Acquittals on two counts alleging Conspiracy to Defraud and Conspiracy to Convert Criminal Property following an 8 week trial at Bristol Crown Court.

The trial concerned the sale of carbon credits to investors over a 4 year period and the use of commission derived from such investments. Despite expert evidence asserting otherwise and 240 witnesses in the prosecution case, the jury found there was no intent to defraud investors after reviewing a comprehensive array of exhibits including corporate records, audio recordings of calls to investors, numerous bank accounts and data downloaded from several computers and mobile phones. Five co-Defendants charged with one count were also acquitted.

Mike and Chiara were instructed by Ebenezer Madeinlo of Hanson Woods Solicitors, Ilford.

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